Our Team

OMNI Believes "Team - Together Everyone Achieves More"  

All members of team OMNI have an empathic and a caring personality. They are patient, have perseverance, good listening skills and an analytical approach. Our counselors have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. We also have counselors who speak Spanish, Hindi, Tamil and Marathi in specific locations.

Pam Martin
CEO of Omni Health Services

Pam Martin is CEO of Omni Health Services. She studied advanced business studies at Shippensburg University and is a graduate of Bloomsburg University with a BA in political science. Her professional career has focused on public services for children. Pam comes to Omni with over 9 years of experience working at a managed care agency as the BHRS staffing specialist. Pam has extensive knowledge of behavioral health services in the tri county area with a specialization in Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) for children.