Our Team

OMNI Believes "Team - Together Everyone Achieves More"  

All members of team OMNI have an empathic and a caring personality. They are patient, have perseverance, good listening skills and an analytical approach. Our counselors have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. We also have counselors who speak Spanish, Hindi, Tamil and Marathi in specific locations.

Aubreya Lewis
Peer Support Services Supervisor

Aubreya Lewis is a Peer Support Services Supervisor at Omni Health Services. Aubreya received her bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College and her master’s degree from La Salle University. Aubreya began her lived experience with mental health challenges in 2003 and began her life-long journey toward greater wellness and recovery in 2012. She formerly worked as a Certified Peer Specialist/Retention Specialist at CareLink Career Services; a Mobile Crisis Specialist at Delaware County Crisis Connections Team; a Mental Health Professional at Natale Crisis Residential Program; and a Certified Peer Specialist on the Warm Line team at Elwyn. She also works as an interpreter in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and teaches language courses. Aubreya’s passion is helping others to get well, stay well, and achieve their highest potential. Recovery is a reality, and it is limitless. All things are possible!